AIRLUCA .COM AVIATION PHOTOGRAPHY                                                           BY                        Luca Giandomenico Polidori About me Gallery Home Works ABOUT ME NewPics Where did I get this strong passion for everything that flies?! It’s still an unanswered question. What I’m pretty sure of it’s that the “aeronautic spirit” captured me since my childhood. Aware of my growing passion, at age 14 my parents made me a surprise taking me to an open day at San Damiano airbase, headquarter of the "155° Gruppo" squadron equipped with the Tornado ECR. That day I had my mum’s camera as well. And here it is…that “lethal mix” camera plus aircraft  definitely equaled total love with aviation photography! From that moment I began to take pictures to all kind of airplanes whenever I had the chance to do it: at airports, flying clubs, air shows, open days and so on. Few years later I would have made my first step into the publishing world with my first press accreditation. There was an important air show not that far from my town and a local magazine assigned me the work to report the three days event. Meanwhile I had the opportunity to attend some photography courses in order to develop my skills and to operate with a real professional camera. The increasing quality, creativity and originality in my works allowed me to start important collaborations with the most prestigious aviation publications. Today I report from the most different scenarios. I have never had a specific predilection for only the civil or military aviation world. Thus my photos and my articles cover almost all aspects of aeronautics. The power of military fighter jets, the incredible versatility of helicopters, the poetry of flying a glider, the energy of an aerobatic airplane or the precision of a professional aerobatic team. The environment where my photo shootings take place is another important aspect of my photography. Flying in particular weather conditions, reporting from military operations in real war scenarios or from an aircraft carrier, shooting at sunset, moving in specific and suggestive landscapes, taking pictures from unique angles at prestigious events play a key role in the image composition. I have always been fascinated how photos can tell stories and convey emotions to the public. One of my main aims is to make the reader imagine being in the middle of the action catching sounds, smells, body sensations and views. If you feel yourself “on board” with me while looking at my photos, I can state I have definitely achieved my objective! Luca Giandomenico Polidori @ Copyright © 2005-2020 - All rights reserved - Photography by Luca Giandomenico Polidori